Top 10 cryptocurrency companies

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People have started searching for the best cryptocurrency companies to buy their stocks. At present, digital money is literally ruling the economy. Banks, financial institutions and tech firms have all started accepting cryptos and one can be sure the use of cryptocurrencies will increase in the months to come. Top crypto companies are able to provide their services and solutions efficiently and quickly.

  • Coinbase Global is a top-of-the-line cryptoexchanges which allows users to buy and sell popular cryptos like BTC and ETH. Coinbase takes a nominal transaction fee every time a user buys or sells cryptos on this platform. It has also successfully built a cloud platform to cater to companies using/storing cryptos. You can even pledge your Bitcoins as collateral and get low-interest loans. So, investors need not sell off their assets in an emergency. Moreover, governments and financial organizations have adopted Coinbase’s blockchain analytics.
  • Square and PayPal Holdings: These companies enable users to buy and store cryptos in a wallet. In 2017, Square’s consumer-facing app allowed Bitcoin trading. Square managed to earn lot of revenues throughout 2020 and 2021. This move is most promising because traditional monetary global transfers usually involve heft fees charged by banks. CashApp is currently used for crypto trading and equipped with fundamental banking features.
  • Canaan and Hut 8 Mining: Crypto companies like Canaan are designing high-end ASIC machines which can guess a network’s has code correctly. Sales have been high because of affordability of the device and low power usage. A popular Bitcoin mining stock is Hut 8 Mining based in Canada.
  • Nvidia and AMD: These companies are chip manufacturers and leading designers of GPUs which enable computer applications like AI, data centers, and building of crypto assets. Both blockchain and cryptography creation demands a lot of computing power and this is why GPUs are used.
  • Facebook and Shopify: Facebook has been working to come out with its crypto called Diem. This is seen as a financial payment system that all can access, especially those without bank accounts. Ecommerce software provider company Shopify allows merchants to accept cryptos as payment; it has integrated with crypto payment processor Coin Payments.
  • Robinhood Markets is a crypto firm; a brokerage app allowing users to purchase stocks, rare metals, cryptos, and options. You can buy or sell ETC, ETH, and Dogecoin and crypto trading forms a big chunk of the company’s overall sales now.
  • CME Group runs the largest financial derivative exchange and lets investor’s trade futures. You can access a diverse range of assets here including energy, mining products, and currencies. This company launched an options market for Bitcoin Futures.
  • LedgerX: This New York-based startup is essentially a BTC trading platform which legitimized the Bitcoin as a financial asset. It has been granted a derivatives clearing institution license in 2017 to settle contracts in ETH and BTC.
  • Ripple: Debates are still ongoing about whether this is a decentralized crypto but whatever the argument, Ripple has been experiencing tremendous growth in the last few years. It makes currency exchange and remittances easy and has deals with Wells Fargo.
  • Gemini: Created by the Winklevoss twins, this exchange, which was founded in 2015, became the first licensed ETH exchange a year after.

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